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 thirty three and one third

revolutions per minute

of dirt and longing

 the needle glides silently

like the memory

of a lover's embrace

the speakers whisper and crack

until the void-colored wax

unravels its poetry and its ghosts

"harmony makes a heavy love"

she said, though her eyes

were filled with tears.



Available digitally at:  Amazon  and  iTunes

ALSO AVAILABLE as part of the 14 track CD included with "Midnight Shining Sun"

Release Date:  March 1, 2011 (digital only)

Song List:

1. Until I See Her Again  2:35

2. Farewell Song (Mono Bootleg)  5:49

3. Honey For You  5:08

4. Where The River Meets The Sea  4:18

5. Give Back My Heart  3:48

6. The Blue Room  4:57

7. Morning Song  3:22

About Love & Coffee Tapes - Volume 2:

      These seven songs represent the next installment of the on-going series 'Love & Coffee Tapes' by Aaron Berg.  Composed of live bootlegs, moody demos, and afterhours sessions, the performances are raw and unadorned.  On 'Where The River Meets The Sea' you can hear the wooden chair Berg is seated on creaking as he nears the end of his whispery finger-picked love letter sung with as much tongue and cheek affection as deadly serious desperation.  'Until I See Her Again' is a kind of cosmic drinking song needing only a change to waltz time, a clump of raised glasses, and a chorus of drunken singers to transform itself into a full blown Irish ballad. 

         'Farewell Song' is a mono bootleg recorded on a twenty dollar Radioshack hand-held recorder by the Heavy Love bassist at the time Ira Rosoff while rehearsing on Paris Mountain, South Carolina.  Other band includes: John Byce (drums) and Mike Bagwell (Pedal Steel).  The lush center-piece to this volume arguably is the home-recording of 'Honey For You'.  "I wrote 'Honey For You' with hundreds of verses originally each one going on to some other place," Berg explains.  "I went all around the world, into the past, the future, nightmares, friend's houses...each versing starting with 'I have seen...".  Eventually the song was narrowed down to a mere trinity of verses forming what Berg now describes as "...a song to a future wife perhaps...where someone says I have seen many things I could not understand as well as many turned truthes but I understand you.  I commit to you."  The most bare-bones performance on volume two is undoubtedly the re-discovered demo of 'Give Back My Heart' which combines a lilting slow dance tempo with a tidal wave of uncontained emotion.  Berg describes the song with a heavy but resilient grin, "Definitely a crying-in-your-beer kind of song.  I know I did.  I always kind of imagined some smoother, nicer country singer recording this song.  This is the only version I have down on tape.  Almost forgot about the song until I came across this demo recorded the week I wrote it."

Two track studio, two room apartment:

Pin-ups of 1940's models added by kids during the 2nd World War: