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 thirty three and one third

revolutions per minute

of dirt and longing

 the needle glides silently

like the memory

of a lover's embrace

the speakers whisper and crack

until the void-colored wax

unravels its poetry and its ghosts

"harmony makes a heavy love"

she said, though her eyes

were filled with tears.


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Love & Coffee X - Morning Song

written last summer after a party, this tune is a kind of farewell send off to friends.  it's a short song so we left the ending open.  this is exit music for a film.  pitchfork is not going to review this song.  it will not blast your face off.  it is not a radio hook.   it is a graffiti flash nearly forgotten or a greeting card in the discount bin.  heart felt but unadorned.

here comes the sun the party is all done
everybody's heading back where they came from
the bottles of beer are shining so clear
there is a free light that's falling all through the air

please come again all my dear sweet friends
may god bless and keep you when the road starts to bend
what is real is what is shared words turn to notes in the air
there will come an answer though i know not where

 love & coffee is written by aaron berg ©2010 

 photographs by

 kristin isgett - band at the handlebar, 2010
 erica schrag - berg at party, june 2009

  performance by:

  a.b. - vocals, guitar
  mike bagwell - pedal steel
  chris garrett - bass
  john byce - drums

  recorded live & mixed by chris garrett

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