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 thirty three and one third

revolutions per minute

of dirt and longing

 the needle glides silently

like the memory

of a lover's embrace

the speakers whisper and crack

until the void-colored wax

unravels its poetry and its ghosts

"harmony makes a heavy love"

she said, though her eyes

were filled with tears.


 'Love & Coffee' is the written companion to the ongoing series 'Love & Coffee Tapes'


Love & Coffee V - Fellowman Blues

hollywood blvd

hollywood blvd, california

a while back in november i visited chicago to attend a record session at the generosity of a friend who had some soon to be expired frequent flyer miles. on the plane back to new york i wrote the majority of this song on a long rambling string of miniature united airways napkins. the flight attendant was not entirely pleased with my exceptional desire for additional paper products. i forgot about the song all together until i discovered the balled up wad of monogrammed paper squares months later in a winter jacket.

is there any end to the vastness that i feel
or is it just a furnace built on a heart of steel
is there any sense in burning a man who's done you wrong
when the only hope that's given, lies in the days to come
the hour is at hand to make a little noise for your fellow man

the vagrants and the tramps are whispering in the night
if you never give up hope everything will turn out fine
or maybe fade away into a neon blinking dawn
syndicated but forgotten, like the truthes we used to hold
get on your feet and stand, make a litte noise for your fellow man

is there any space between a sinner and a saint
or is it just a strand of the sun's golden ray
is it any use in crying a lake of unseen tears
when the only motion needed, is just to cast away your fear
do what it is you can to make a llittle noise for your fellow man

somewhere beneath the excess you'll find the working class
clinging to what's left of a dream they thought would last
now the only trace that's left is shimmering in the night
bought and sold everyday at fraction of the price
if what you see demands make a little noise for your fellowman

when you look into the face of a fool gone too far
don't let the senselessness cloud the bleeding in your heart
when he speaks of virtue to mask his cruelty
gather in the twilight where the spirit is still free
strike up the band and make a little noise for your fellowman

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Aaron Berg - Love & Coffee Tapes - Fellowman Blues


love & coffee is written, recorded, and performed by aaron berg

a.b. - vocals, harmonica, guitar, bass, hammond organ, electric and ambient guitars

best if listened to on headphones - special thanks to john and helen


Love & Coffee IV - Behind Closed Doors


written in a single night a while back in february of last year at the crushing center of a deadly new york winter. it was one of those songs you just walk right up to and stare in the face. it took me longer to figure out the unusual timing of the chords than it did to write the tune itself. i didn't play it for anybody for a long time but would slip into sets every now and then when nobody was listening. a lot of good stuff goes down when nobody's listening. its surprising what you can hear through walls and doors of addition and subtraction across frozen pavement melodies overlapping strange wandering obsessions. the human heart is a flaming beast without method or reasoning. too much time and too little sleep to turn back now. sound is a thought slice divided like cherry pie between memory and longing born on a napkin between some drunken midnight and that diner window where love's reflection once lived but is now only snow.

your black hair sparkled in the pale moonlight i waited for you i don't know why
some things come natural like the stars to the sky or the wind down the avenue
my heart beat soft as i crept through the rain i dont know why i care to see you again
if you only knew, the price i've paid within to do things the way that i do
behind closed doors i think i fell for you

if only the soul were as free as the mind i'd climb the ladder and let my heart glide
i never meant to catch you in a lie i just wanted to understand
were you going to vanish without a word-from this bottomless blinding hypnotic blur
or do you still believe that true love can cure the perilous road at hand
behind closed doors i'll still be your man

headlights blazed on the shadowy bridge i can still feel your broken laughter's edge
clattering somewhere inside my head i guess we'll never know now
we walked arm in arm down the cold city street the wind blew hard, you sung to the beat
of the car horn fugue, and the cadence of feet how could you shut it all down
behind closed doors is it that good without

the whiskey midnights spin round for days the dealer grins and the gambler stays
when the roulette is turning its so hard to say if there's ever any reason why
don't let my silence give you the impression that i have any answers to your questions
or that i'll ever need a full confession if you want to look me up sometime
behind closed doors i still wish you were mine

a sad-eyed boy searching for a lone root listening to the drone of his own phantom boots
you will never believe if you always need proof before you can make a change
on orchard street a woman gave me a jewel for good luck she said always keep your heart pure
that's why now i'm passing it to you if our fate should lead us astray
behind closed doors your memory will remain

buy this song now at Aaron Berg - Love & Coffee Tapes - Behind Closed Doors

love & coffee is written, recorded, and performed by aaron berg

a.b. - vocals, harmonica, guitar, bass, hammond organ, electric and ambient guitars

photo courtesy of 'the basement' nashville, tennessee

best if listened to on headphones


Love & Coffee III - Madonna of the Evening Rose


madonna of the evening rose hold me close while the story unfolds you know i never done a thing i been told just trying to keep my heart from the cold through the tempest of the changing tides sparks of light ripple beneath your spiraling eyes reflecting eternity upon the sky like an infinite probability of fear and desire rising like fire time enforces equality with absolute stunning brutality it reasons to be as the fingers that bind start to unwind the pathway born by two symbols slide towards twilight the needle meets the thimble as the double becomes single weaving the tapestry of an open window collapse my love and begin to realize the disguise lends reason to demise sheds those tears and dry your eyes i'm not sure but we may have proved truth lies behind the curtain that forever moves surrender to ceaseless change closed but unbounded like our broken heartstrings

madonna of the evening rose
cast your light into my soul
kiss me once before you go
back into the great unknown
i have traveled far and wide
searching for the other side
made it to the walls of time
honey i almost made you mine
madonna of the evening rose
tell me what the darkness knows
embrace the figure of shadow
escaping in the wind that blows

standing in the big black void of night the trees whisper to shattering heights once upon a time conjured in a rhyme just like a white blinding sight that i heard buried beneath the untilled ground thorns of light burst from the flaming crown rise from the earth sacrifice the darkness and give birth never ask for whom the church bell tolls the wheel will grind the young back to old forcing us all back into the cold, the cold fold of solitude catapulting its cure through the crude scenes where everything shutters and screams when i held you and cried by whose word did love become a crime i didn't mean to say it but i meant what i said there is no doubt a piece of the mystery belongs to you now at the carnival where we tried to find our way back out as you turned that candy apple in your mouth do not regret there's no need in speaking of you will escape the danger and return my love craving the taste of lion's blood beating for you just like a slackened drum

embrace the form of forms in a never ending storm silhouettes searching for a phantom home like bullets through a canvas torn or an unseen path that is somehow worn it's ripple on the water think harder like a message in a bottle everything you see is just a model as you close in the circulation gets hotter memories incinerate past horizon's gate ashes of love rise from what had been hate the curve of the dunes reminds me of you a clean wound followed by a search for proof take this hymn leave behind your silver moon and then depart once more and wait for destruction to begin sing to the king for he has triumphed gloriously thrown the horse and rider into the sea don't look back once you have broken free the first question lies between thought and deed as above so below if i was me and you were you would the opposite not also be true

buy this song now at Aaron Berg - Love & Coffee Tapes - Madonna of the Evening Rose

love & coffee is written, recorded, and performed by aaron berg

a.b. - all vocals, fender bass, hammond organ, percussion, fuzz and finger guitars

drums by johnny 'indicator' byce

best if listened to on headphones


Love & Coffee II - Bluest Of BLue

large ed.

one hand in the pocket of chance. fingers crossed and my mind running. rain fell down outside the apartment where i record. tribute to rap master dr. dre over whose beats i first began to freestyle.  mostly while hurtling down the highway in pitch black anarchy of night.

brothers sisters friends of mine listen up close i'll tell you for the last time the place you want to go is just a step below the long dark hall where nobody knows keep it on keep it on, keep it on and on its the song of a song of a song of a memory never made sense to me and still my poor heart bleeds while my journey leads across the open sea to be or not to be through the wings of night whispers the illusion of the one true light

if you see something say something don't let it go by do you really mean that 'cause i think that i've seen a few things that don't sit right say that again and look me right in the eye you know what i'm talking about i guess there really ain't that much doubt its alright don't say anything at all i'm headed out the door i don't need you it's okay you don't have to prove everything that you need that you want to use sometimes the things that you need are really just things that you're yet to be sometimes its so far really all you need is to look in your heart get through the dark everyday you can try lend a hand make a little stand for your fellowman

walk on the water the water is you- dive on down to the bluest of blue

use the upside chaos to manipulate me, except i even got anything to believe get up i've had enough open that door build it again from the floor its alright i already been wrong once before many times more listen to me i keep score do everything i can then a little bit more sometimes its so close all you gotta do listen to the most softest thing in your mind let it ring up again back with you everything that you need has been proved come on now its a departure come on baby don't make me haunt you everything that i once had some day maybe might make me sad i don't where i been but from where its so hard to tell if there's anything on the highway some say there might be a pot of gold maybe its you in your eyes all the time looking back and through me as the river unwinds

walk on the water the water is you - dive on down to the bluest of blue

use the upside chaos manipulate me but i don't even anything you need i ain't gonna pleed for your cause any more i've seen everything i don't even want to you know don't even tell me i've had it i don't even know but its getting so bad it it don't even seem means anything anymore - false ending

guns and violence tv show seems alright but i don't know its so hard to tell fact from fiction come on better check that diction don't believe everything that you read sometime somewhere its got to be seen some records you can't sweep clean know what i mean step back check your facts better think twice before you attack jack some things you just can't say it's allright i see through it anyway how'd you like a blood bath in your neighborhood don't think i would murder in the school in the street blooding running its so stunning across the sea killing in the name of god and country and law doesn't that make any sense at all can hear those angels call all the people for one and one for all

a war for peace in peaceful way march on brother towards that heavenly day let me hear you say...

words and music by aaron berg
all rights reserved ©2008

love & coffee is written, recorded, and performed by aaron berg

original base track remixed from dr. dre 'instrumentals 2001'

a.b. overdubs include all vocals, fender bass, rain, & guitars

best if listened to on headphones
dedicated to the silent rose...


Love & Coffee I - The Wheel

copying down notes in the passenger seat of a dodge ram 1500. a song of survival becomes a profession of love. written down as the hunter stands over the sky drawing his bow in the infinite night. so young thinking somehow surrender was the key. wrapped up in love and darkness through the floor board rises the well of a wheel. heart is a wheel. apple is a wheel. sailor is a symbol.

the opening song for countless shows across the country. sang it thousand times for nobody at all...

i think i may have lost my mind somewhere back there down the line
can i help it if sometime i try and make a little sense of it
shining saviors jump and shout words roll like thunder from my mouth
i've seen enough now i want out of this place i'm in

living this way i ain't goint to last
there's a dream light breaking
through these pale shades of glass
drifting i know will do my heart in
still i'm bound to keep rolling
while the wheel is still in spin

don't all the faces seem so strange when you find you've begun to gaze
into the never ending space that's lying right in front of you
the golden temptress turns and sighs this time please try and get it right
or else come here into the light and let me lay my hands on you

at the roadside house we said our vows on a chariot the bride was taken out
only a fool would never doubt the things he thinks he knows
did you mean it when you said you heard voices from the dead
and to a sailor you would wed in the early hours of the morn

buy this song now at Aaron Berg - Love & Coffee Tapes - The Wheel

recorded, mixed, and performed by aaron berg

words and music by aaron berg
all rights reserved ©2007


Photographs by Rosy Nolan

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