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 thirty three and one third

revolutions per minute

of dirt and longing

 the needle glides silently

like the memory

of a lover's embrace

the speakers whisper and crack

until the void-colored wax

unravels its poetry and its ghosts

"harmony makes a heavy love"

she said, though her eyes

were filled with tears.


 'Love & Coffee' is the written companion to the ongoing series 'Love & Coffee Tapes'

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Love & Coffee IX - Farewell Song

this is a bootleg demo recorded on a single mic hand held cvs recorder.  i wrote the song in williamsburg, brooklyn in one night at the roebling tea room.  this version is a brief low-fi glimpse into the newest incarnation of the heavy love rehearsing at a house on paris mountain in south carolina.  the song and nine others will be featured on the upcoming album on tight ship records this winter titled 'exiles in paradise'.  recording is set to begin the first week of november in chicago. 

farewell my darling, farewell my love
i never meant to frighten you
you have seen the darkness shining in my eyes
i can take you there if you want me to
we are middle children in an endless hurricane
you can run but you'll fall right through

farewell my darling, farewell my love, you're the one i'll be thinking of
in the morning under the rising sun, you'll reaching for me but i'll be gone

in the city streets i watch for you
your heart beats beneath the earth below
the silver snake slips through the ground as the father loads his gun
the child rests his head upon the stone
gazing at the lidless eye the forked tongue now speaks
there is more to you than flesh and bone

all night i pace the floor hoping to recall
the reason why i feel the way i do
i gave you what you asked me for and you left me in the cold
if you can't handle it then don't invite me to
the same hand the pulls the heavens in the sky
is the same hand that pulls me back to you

love & coffee is written by aaron berg ©2009 -  photographs by rosy nolan

performance by:

a.b. - vocals, guitar
mike bagwell - pedal steel
ira rosoff - bass
john byce - drums

recorded on a portable one mic recorder from cvs drugstore

best if listened to on headphones


Love & Coffee I - The Wheel

copying down notes in the passenger seat of a dodge ram 1500. a song of survival becomes a profession of love. written down as the hunter stands over the sky drawing his bow in the infinite night. so young thinking somehow surrender was the key. wrapped up in love and darkness through the floor board rises the well of a wheel. heart is a wheel. apple is a wheel. sailor is a symbol.

the opening song for countless shows across the country. sang it thousand times for nobody at all...

i think i may have lost my mind somewhere back there down the line
can i help it if sometime i try and make a little sense of it
shining saviors jump and shout words roll like thunder from my mouth
i've seen enough now i want out of this place i'm in

living this way i ain't goint to last
there's a dream light breaking
through these pale shades of glass
drifting i know will do my heart in
still i'm bound to keep rolling
while the wheel is still in spin

don't all the faces seem so strange when you find you've begun to gaze
into the never ending space that's lying right in front of you
the golden temptress turns and sighs this time please try and get it right
or else come here into the light and let me lay my hands on you

at the roadside house we said our vows on a chariot the bride was taken out
only a fool would never doubt the things he thinks he knows
did you mean it when you said you heard voices from the dead
and to a sailor you would wed in the early hours of the morn

buy this song now at Aaron Berg - Love & Coffee Tapes - The Wheel

recorded, mixed, and performed by aaron berg

words and music by aaron berg
all rights reserved ©2007


Photographs by Rosy Nolan