Midnight Shining Sun (Book/CD)

 'Midnight Shining Sun' is the first prose publication by Aaron Berg.  The auto-biographical travelogue of over 16,000 words ranges from mystical stream-of-consciousness to gritty nocturnal narratives and broad daylight urban drama.  The book is divided into two acts.  Act one is a broken, day by day account of a very early tour of the Southeastern United States in April of 2007.  Act two depicts Berg's colorful daily life during the last winter he spent in New York City before departing in August 2007 for California's Pacific Coast and beyond. 

  The book INCLUDES 14 TRACK CD of songs from Love & Coffee Tapes Volume 1 & 2, a series of soul-drenched folk bootlegs and moody demos by Aaron Berg. "His knack for language both behind the pen and the microphone  communicate poignant insights and offer small snapshots of moments in time in a deceptively simple manner...a multimedia experience that’s one part literature, one part music, Aaron Berg offers something exclusively special to people, a tangible experiment that means something to get your hands on as opposed to a quick click of the computer mouse."  - Myles Griffin

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